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Word - Pastor's pen for 24th May

I think we can all agree the teaching and insight we received from Bruce and Jenny Eirena at our previous Sunday zoom church was most worthwhile. The in-depth question and and answer session after the service just added value to an already rich experience.

I'm familiar with Wycliffe Bible Translators having had the former national directors at my previous church. I think the true super-power Wycliffe brings to a region or language group is this; if Wycliffe missionaries leave an area, a lasting gift is left behind - hopefully a translation of the New Testament or even the whole Bible in the heart language of the people. So in a very concrete way the work goes on beyond the life or presence of the workers in the field, even to the following generations.

The Banana skit explained very well what finally getting scripture in your own language can actually effect. The language of the heart enables the peeling back of the hard skin of cultural and linguistic mis-interpretation, revealing the good gospel beneath.

For the most part here in Forrest Hill, we are not dealing with folk who lack translations of the scripture in their own heart language. Very often a desire to learn English is present, enabling a fuller engagement with New Zealand society and possibly employment. Only this week I heard of one of our regular Speakezy and church members got a job! So encouraging...

However, there is still a need to make the good news of Jesus available and understandable across cultures. So often we struggle to explain Christian experience in English that is complex or ambiguous. We talk past one another, struggling to get to the heart of the matter. However, it is clearly worth putting in the time to build one another up in faith.


Bruce and Jenny spoke about providing resources to construct family and personal mission statements, which you can link to. Some were interested in seeing those.

Eirena Family
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