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Signs of Summer - Pastor's Pen for 24th December 2023

Seine Rd. panorama with Pohutukawa

The Pohutukawa seem particularly good this year, blooming as if in sync with Advent. Hopefully they are the promise of an uneventful, restful and pleasant summer to come. My potatoes are also displaying lush foliage above ground, but you never know with them, what lies beneath is far more important than the outward display.

People can give a good outward impression, masking hurt and pain beneath. Sometimes they need to look cheerful and on top of things for their work or ministry, and manage a pretty good facade, while processing a lot of things internally. Yes I confess, I have done this too over the years. Sometimes you just have to, to get the job done.

Yet you can't keep doing this. At some stage it will catch up with you. This is why we need summer break, sabbath, and an awareness of the God who knows us and loves us anyway. The Lord reminded the prophet when he was looking for a new king for Israel; "The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." (1 Sam 16:7 NLT)

We know that as well as beautiful flowers, the Pohutukawa has deep spreading roots that anchor the tree all year long. I hope that my spuds also display a generous root system to go with their outward abundance. We can sometimes fool people with a cheery look on the outside, but we can never fool God. I'm praying that you enjoy a blessed Christmas and New Year, and get to take a little time with God, to sustain and replenish what is unseen by others. May your roots run deep in the love of Christ.

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