Pastor's pen - Holy Week 2021

Easter, the point at which the whole Christian world turns, the watershed of history. Or just another long weekend? I don't feel I have anything to defend, ring-fence or shore up at Easter. Regardless of what the wider society does with this moveable feast, God's reality will remain. Out of human death and hopelessness, out of violence and the machinations of the principalities and powers, God's hope will be seen.

Resurrection leading to hope and new life are God's domain, regardless of human doubt and compromise. As we celebrate a (hopefully) pleasant and uneventful long weekend, can we remember the community of believers around the world who are subject to violence, oppression, political uncertainty, disease, lock-down and poverty? Take a quiet moment of stillness to pray prayers of thanksgiving for God's goodness, and intercession for those in need.

For those able to join us at worship this Easter, you are welcome. Bring a friend, or just sit with the community of faith and enjoy. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

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