Pastor's pen for 30th August 2020 - Prophecy

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Speak, Lord,

in stillness or storm,

in circumstance or sign,

in scripture or word,

in conscience or heart,

in encounter or art.

Stir up the gift in me. Ray Simpson Waymarks For the Journey 2009

Both of the books I use for morning devotions reminded me today that God is a living God who speaks. Furthermore, God is of a mind to communicate with those who love God, and is not fussy about their life situation. God will speak to you or me.

Apostle Paul urges the Corinthian Church to 'eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. Everyone who prophesies helps to strengthen, encourage or comfort people.' (1 Cor 14:1) Perhaps God is calling his people to a time of listening? Certainly, any outward prophetic gift must come from inward attentiveness to the Spirit of God, a spiritual listening. Surely we need this ministry in the church for this season. Many need a word of encouragement, comfort or strengthening.

I surely have no excuse at this time, for the church office feels very much like a library before all the people are let in for the day. Peaceful. There is stillness enough for God to speak - with me. But will I quiet the chatter of the online life, the news, the Covid update for long enough? I hope so. 'See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks' commands the writer to the Hebrews (Heb 12:25).

Whether you currently experience isolation or clamour (for both are possible depending on circumstance), seek the voice of God that comes by the Holy Spirit, in whatever way God chooses. Be attentive to the innovative ways our creating, redeeming, sustaining God can speak. Let us be expectant together.

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