Pastor's Pen 16th August 2020 - A touch of Déjà vu

I write this to you having just had a zoom meeting with Ian, our proposed guest speaker / film introducer for Sunday. His business in Auckland is now cancelled, so we will not be hosting him on Sunday. However, we did spend an hour test-running the movie with the prospect of a zoom service foremost in our minds. I intend to send a clearly worded email on Friday to advise what will be happening.

I guess we just wait and see what transpires on Friday, but of course we are all hoping for a brief sojourn at level 3. I woke up grumpy about it all this morning but am resolved to regather a peaceful and benevolent attitude as soon as possible. It is what it is.

I did permit myself a couple of exaggerated eye-rolls this morning as I heard the news of a symptomatic Covid laden individual going on holiday to Rotorua to visit family. The second pronounced eye roll was for the conspiracy theorists who regard Covid 19 as some sort of sinister Marxist plot to render us all placid drones in a totalitarian empire (sigh).

Apparently, this is all planned so Jacinda and Labour continue to rule over us. This is seeping into my social media, from people I once regarded as quite sane, so I think it’s probably time to clean out my Facebook ‘friends’ list again…I observe the unholy marriage of the NZ Public Party and Jamie-Lee Ross with concern, along with the already defaced billboards of the New Conservative party, the 'old' one being somewhat of a morally dubious train-wreck.

Whatever thoughts I might have had about Christian influenced political parties as a youth, I am now firmly of the opinion that voices of faith do more good working within the more established parties, rather than dancing on the lunatic fringes and possibly bringing ridicule to the Church. We might call what's needed as being 'salt and light' in the secular political arena.

I am fully aware this new lock-down may bring you stress, even fear. Others, such as myself, may feel irritation, as a big question mark hangs over so many of our activities again. A kind of 'Covid-fatigue' is documented. Strain comes on our relationships, and tests us as people. We have opportunities that cut both ways - some need to have courage enough to reach out for help if they are struggling. A simple phone call may be enough. Some are called to minister to others from energy they have in reserve. Maybe on different days you or I could be in either camp.

Perhaps together we can meditate on Galatians 5: 22-3 where we find 'the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against such things.'

This certainly is a character forming season. My we be shaped by Word and Spirit, and encouraged in prayer and conversation by one another. Kia kaha.


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