'for the rest of us'.....Pastor's pen for 25th October 2020

I found this gem of a book in a charity shop in Cambridge for a couple of bucks the other day; Evangelism for the Rest of Us: Sharing Christ Within Your Personality Style.

I guess I'm looking forward to reading it because it looks to be a helpful unpacking of faith-sharing for those less naturally inclined to function well in large social settings. It has a section called 'Celebrating Introversion' which seems immediately promising to me.

Reaching out for fresh ideas is normal at the moment. We feel somewhat free of the pandemic, yet we know the world is not so free, especially as Europe heads towards winter with Covid-19 on the rise. Our navigation of life feels a bit like the discombobulated yacht I saw at Takapuna Beach one day - a little breeze but not enough water to get going. Maybe the opposite feels true for some of us...

I recall some faith conversations on the running trip I just enjoyed. There was the obligatory apology for cussing in my presence, as if I were some Holy man. Other more serious topics came up, about the presence of evil in the world. Indeed, why do bad things happen to good people? If God is good, how come this is allowed? Theologians call this type of conversation theodicy.

Covid means our boat is a bit beached at the moment, and we do question why God has allowed our current circumstances. Yet we could ask, why not? We live in a broken world and it is a kind of magical fairy-dust thinking to imagine we are immune from the brokenness.

2021 will be upon us before we know it, perhaps with the promise of vaccines and signs of hope. In the meantime, there will be opportunities for faith sharing, whether over Christmas mince pies or in our clubs and other activities. Let me encourage you to be true to yourself in your sharing. You are the best expert at dwelling within your own personality, and the God who made you has empowered you to live and witness authentically in your life situation. Trust God and believe in yourself.

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