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Dawn Service - Pastor's Pen for 30th April 2023

I suppose I questioned my life choices having to get up for the Brown's Bay ANZAC dawn service I agreed to officiate at on Tuesday 25th. A 4:30am alarm is a bit earlier than I'm used to.

However, I got to wear my Dunedin winter coat for the first time in ages. It was rather nippy. I felt for the poor young people in the guard of honour, clad only in shirt sleeves. Brr...

I do feel more connected to the wider community when there is an ANZAC service to be part of. I'll get a call next year too, as the RSA administrator will not forget my number I'm guessing. When not come along? It's a great experience.

ANZAC is always an interesting one to write prayers for, and say something meaningful. It feels military, secular and religious all in the same breath. In my mind, the best scriptures for these annual occasions are found in John 15, for instance verse 13; 'No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ So that's what I talk about.

War is a terrible thing, and there are wars of various sorts going on right now, in Ukraine, Sudan and Myanmar, to name but three. New Zealand forces tend to be part of peacekeeping missions these days rather than full on conflicts, which must be a good thing right? So let's be a people who pray for the peace and justice of God to reign in this world, and live our lives like we believe it. Shalom.

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