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Sunday 29th March Zoom Church 9.30am

Hi everyone,

We will continue our series on the book of Revelation and we are making our way through the letters to the seven churches of Asia minor (Western Turkey today). Note you wil need the password from the church email list to participate in the Zoom session. If you have time to prepare it would be helpful to have a look / listen to the following:

Scripture reading: Revelation 2: 12-17

Theme: Pergamum: What will be the song of your years?


The following James K. Baxter poem Song of the Years will have relevance to my sermon. No doubt you will 'get' the sermon more if you have some familiarity with it. I particularly enjoy Dave Dobbyn's musical interpretation of it...

Song of the Years

When from my mother’s womb I came Disputandum was my name.

Weeping hoping threatening Beyond myself I had no king.

I drew in with each hour’s breath The grey dust of the second death.

When my childhood days were spent To Venus I grew suppliant.

Little tremors woke and died Within the mountain of my pride.

Singing on the gallows cart Created beauty held my heart.

The aardvark and the onager Were stabled at my sepulchre.

In that deep den the King of bliss Broke my heart and gave me His.

‘This for your doom and penance take, Be merry always for My sake.’

He gave me a white stone to bear With my true name written there.

Without end I will say, Laus tibi, Domine!

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