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Renew - Pastor's Pen for February 4th 2024

Scandrett's Bay Panorama, Mahurangi

This weekend I'll be in Napier celebrating my Mum's 80th with family, and Lorna will be preaching. The discipline of weekly preaching is enjoyable, and a privilege, but it sure is good to know there are one or two people in the wings who can be relied on to fill the gap when one is away.

Renewal is a vital component of all ministry, and in fact all spiritual life. The minister who feels they cannot go away because "no one else can do what I do", is on a sure path to burnout. Renewal comes from reading, listening, being in God's creation, and of course rest. At some point the input needs to balance the output, spiritually and mentally.

To the right of the picture above is an absolute monster of a Pohutukawa tree which must be of considerable age. Just beyond it is a precipice. The Pohutukawa has an impressive root system, enabling it to cling to cliffs and other difficult, hilly locations. The sun, the rain and the deep roots continue to renew and sustain the tree through all weathers and conditions.

How do you find renewed strength for life, and all its joys and challenges? Each of us is different with a variety of things that give us a renewed sense of strength and life. The prophet Isaiah describes what underpins all human flourishing; "...those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength..." (Is 40:31)

May you find and really know renewal in God, through Jesus Christ and in the Spirit. Work hard for God, but also enjoy the times of rest that God brings your way. Know God's shalom.

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