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Reconnect - Pastor's Pen for 1st October 2023

Since Wednesday I've been at General Assembly which is being held at St Kentigern College in Pakuranga. I haven't been on the East side of Auckland for quite some time. Thursday, realizing there would be a long day of sitting down, I went for a dawn run along the coastal Rotary walkway. I felt like I was reconnecting with the sights and sounds of the area, close to where I grew up.

Not having attended Assembly for some years, I felt like I was reconnecting with people too. However, it's "not my first rodeo" as Winston Peters might say, so there were many folk from Southern, Alpine, Central and Kaimai Presbytery to catch up with, besides Northern friends.

The beauty of the life of faith is that God can be in our renewal of friendship and memories, bringing peace and thanksgiving. I put something right today with an acquaintance from West Auckland, after several years. Nothing major, but God's Spirit was present in our discussion.

Fundamentally, if we are reconnecting with people and places, we need to prioritize our connection with Jesus first. Only then will we see the true purpose of it and respond with thanksgiving, giving God the glory.

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