On the way - Pastor's pen for 19th September 2021

Remember when most athletic shoes were white? Always a bad idea. I try to avoid white cars for the same reason, they always look a little grubby.

Trail shoes are never ornamental in my situation. Their lot is to be run over approximately 1000km and then go in the bin - because then they are destroyed, particularly those which in the twilight phase of existence graduate to beach/coastal duty. No op-shop would want them.

In this version of level 4 Covid restriction, I've worn a groove around the 2km loop of Centennial Park. Bush running is a benefit to mental health for me, and I can't lie, this time I've sorely needed it. The Riroriro and Tui provide the soundtrack, Kereru the slapstick entertainment.

Traveling at reasonable speed on uneven surfaces requires paying attention to the terrain. I proved that the other day with a moments inattention, landing on my back-side on some knobbly roots. But no one saw so that makes it OK. But you can't take it back, you have to let the stubbed toe and the bruised forearms be your teacher and remind you to be more accurate and pick up those feet next time.

What do we think about and pay attention to on the bumpy trail journey of life? Arriving in Capernaum, Jesus asked his disciples in Mark 9:33; ‘What were you arguing about on the way?’ Power plays and games of one-upmanship had been the topic of the road. Jesus' talk about servant leadership was coming, and obviously needed.

The Christian life journey will teach us, and shape us, changing us for the good. Best get some sturdy shoes and pay attention to the terrain. God is gracious and faithful, allowing us to make mistakes, but always ready by his Spirit to guide us as we have ears to hear and eyes to see.

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