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Listen- pastor's pen for 5th April

Updated: Apr 1, 2020


Listen now in the quiet that is available to you. Without the slurping hiss of espresso machines and passing traffic, listen.

Listen not to the clamour of social media influencers, the fearful made judgemental, world leaders (apparently) without a clue. By all means listen to the calm, public utterances of epidemiologists who know their stuff. They are of more value now then we have ever imagined. Work within and adapt to the guidelines they present - washing hands, don't touch your face, social distance.

Science has shown that I touch my face twenty-five million times per day. Or that's my guess based on watching a video of my sermon.

I've been running a long time, so I do tend to give a bit of distance anyway. Nobody likes a sweaty person looming up. A little tweak of exaggeration was all that was required.

But listen now. Listen for the wing hum of the Tui and the cackle of parakeets in the fresh, autumn morning. Listen to the wind and the rhythms of nature, now seemingly more present to us. Listen to your breath (in and out) and give thanks. Remember it is the breath of God that gives you breath and brings life to this amazing planet. Ruach in the Old Testament. pneuma in the New Testament. No accident that both mean breath/wind/spirit.

So listen for the wind of the Spirit as we pause together at this time. In this moment, as global carbon emissions plummet, our insatiable travel slows to a trickle and our relentless consumption derails. Nature holds her breath, blinks and exhales. Will we listen, and what is it that we will learn?

May God bless you and hide you in the shadow of God's wings (Ps 17:8)


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